Monday, August 15, 2005

Moving On

Well, my Navy career is advancing at a quick pace, and as a result, I've decided to include my experiences and stories in a new blog. You can access it at this address:

There will likely be no more posts on this particular blog, but I will keep it around for a little while, just in case I want to do something with it. Thanks to everyone for checking this blog out, and I hope you'll be able to visit the new one on a regular basis, as I hope to update it with more consistency. Thanks again!

Bryan R. Durkin

Friday, March 04, 2005

Check Your Boots and Check Your Laces; 'Cause This Boeing's Going Places

Imagine how comfortable that would make you feel if you heard the flight attendant say that just before your plane took off. Well, that's what I heard as I was getting ready to leave for Arizona for a week. I was... dubious... as to whether or not we would survive. Well, we did survive, and also got treated to her singing upon arrival. At that point, I wished I hadn't survived.

Anyway, my family and I went to Arizona for vacation last week. The official reason we were going - and just about the only one I really cared about - was to see the Rennaissance festival. The festival was quite good in my opinion; it has grown considerably since I was there around 10 years ago, and most of its structures, including the jousting arena, are now permanent. The acting during the jousting left quiet a bit to be desired, but it was nevertheless quite amusing seeing a bunch of guys get knocked off their horses and watching all the fake blood flying back and forth. The first day we were there, it rained more in that one day than it does all year up here. It's Arizona... it's not supposed to do that! I mean, the desert looked like a freakin' forest, it was so green! The next day was sunnier, so we had a bit more fun.

We also got to go quadding while we were down there, which was quite amusing. Not surprisingly, my middle brother managed to break one, as he does just about everything he comes into contact with. Supposedly it wasn't his fault... there was some kind of mechanical issue involved, but it's very convenient that these "issues" always come up when he's the one in the saddle, so to speak. It was soooo much fun towing that quad twenty miles back up the canyon through a stream most of the way.

On to other news, "The Day" is almost here. And by that I mean, the day I swear into active duty for the USN and head to boot camp. I'll be leaving here for Portland on 15 March, and shipping out to Great Lakes, Illinois on the 16th. And then it's nine weeks of hell. Yay! But seriously, I am looking forward to it, or perhaps, more accurately, getting done with it.

Unfortunately, I won't have much internet access during those nine weeks, but I'm hoping that I will once I get out of there and head into my Gunner's Mate schooling. If so, I will try to remember to post an update to the blog here. We'll see. And if I'm feeling particularly industrious, I may even post again before I leave. We'll see.

Until next time, whenever that is, farewell.

Saturday, January 22, 2005

I Need a Weapon

Halo fans will recognize this as the Master Chief's infamous line from the Halo 2 commercials we've seen all over television. But what even that Halo 2 fans don't know is that in about six months, that will be me. Ok, minus the cool armor, and the gravely voice... and that whole part about saving the world. Give me about 14 years (assuming I actually don't save the world between now and then), and I, too, will be a Master Chief. But I won't be saying I need a weapon. I'll be able to choose from the entire arsenal of the Navy.

That's right, my days of slacking off and doing nothing are almost at an end. Yesterday I went over to Klamath Falls, Oregon, to get some of the objectives on my DEP task list signed off. I'm about halfway there so far. Once that happens, I'm guaranteed the rank of E2 as I go through bootcamp, with promotion to E3 upon graduation, because of my two years of college credit. Only 6 more ranks to go before I hit that Master Chief mark. Maybe by then they'll have the cool armor for me. And yes, if the world doesn't need saving before then, it probably will by then.

Besides my Navy stuff, I've been a complete slacker in everything else. I'm not even writing as much as I should, and that includes this blog. I have been playing plenty of video games though, among them Halo, Morrowind, and the newly discovered Joan of Arc, which I got at a steal for $6.99. The game is a little lacking in some of the finer details, but when you combine RPG, RTS, and FPC (first-person combat) all in one game, include a fairly accurate historical background, and get to play as a hot warrior chick in cool armor with a sword that there is no way she could wield in real life... you tend to forget those finer details. Just make sure you turn off the annoying dynamic grass.

However, cool video games aside, I'm starting to feel the pressure of time running out. Seems like that's how I've been living my life for the last five years. Uh-oh, one month until we move back to the States from Argentina. Ooops, only one week left until school starts again. Man, I've got twenty different crates of canned food to move, and only one hour left before the stupid store closes! Yikes, my plane leaves in one day for Texas... why the heck isn't my computer packed yet! And now, it's two months to go until I ship off for the Navy. And then the time starts running out again. "You've got two miles left to run, Sailor, and only one minute to do it in! Move, move, move!"

Oh yeah... I am so looking forward to it.

Until next time, this is Seaman Recruit Durkin signing off.